Raphaël Ponge教授学术报告I

发布时间:2024年06月07日 作者:吴恋   阅读次数:[]

题目: Noncommutative Geometry, Semiclassical Analysis, and Weak Schatten p-Classes, I.

报告人:Raphaël Ponge (四川大学)

时间:2024年6月17日 下午3-4点


摘要: This lecture will survey the main facts regarding Connes’ integration, Weyl’s laws for compact operators and their relationships with semiclassical analysis. In particular, we will explain the link between Connes’ integration formula and semiclassical Weyl’s laws. This will include some background on Schatten $p$-classes and the Birman-Schwinger principle.

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