Canonical local periods in families

发布时间:2023年06月19日 作者:李江涛   阅读次数:[]

题目: Canonical local periods in families

摘要: Period integrals are basic objects in automorphic representation theory. According to the conjecture of Sakellaridis-Venkatesh, period integrals can be decomposed into the product of L-value and the so-called canonical local periods. To this regard, canonical local periods are generalizations of local zeta integrals. In this talk, motivated by the construction of p-adic L-functions, we will study behaviors of these canonical local periods in families of representations. This is based on a joint work with Li Cai.

个人信息:范洋宇,2018年博士毕业于意大利米兰大学,之后在中科院数学与系统科学研究院与首都师范大学进行博士后研究。研究领域是数论中p-进特殊值公式,研究成果发表在Adv. Math., Math. Ann.等期刊。

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