Modes of Motion by a Coronavirus

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报告题目:Modes of Motion by a Coronavirus

报告人:Goong Chen教授(Texas A&M University, USA)


地点:Zoom会议:954 4675 3573会议密码:355701

报告摘要:In this talk, we study coronavirus from a structural molecular biology point of view, with certain emphasis on how the mechanical motions of the coronavirus may play in the invasion process of healthy cells. We first give a brief introduction and survey of the biological properties of a coronavirus concerning how it moves and how it invades healthy cells. We then proceed to build our model by continuum mechanics in lieu of an atom-by-atom model. A spherical shell with many spikes mimicking the shape of coronavirus has been chosen as the elasto-plastic continuum. We then analyze its eigenmodes of vibration by Modal Analysis. We have found the six degree of freedom rigid body modes and several thousands more nontrivial modes, some peculiar ones of which can play important roles in the invasion process. Related problems are also posed. Many animation videos from supercomputer computations and simulations will be shown to illustrate the motions of a coronavirus.

报告人简介:Goong Chen教授,现为美国Texas A&M University数学与航空工程学院终身教授。1972年本科毕业于台湾清华大学,1977年博士毕业于美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校,2000年成为Texas A&M University量子研究所成员。研究方向涉及:偏微分方程的控制理论,边界元方法和偏微分方程数值解,工程力学,混沌动力学,量子计算,化学物理和量子力学。Goong Chen教授在SIAM Review、SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization等国际著名期刊上发表了150多篇论文,出版了7本专著,编辑了4本学术著作。 先后主持和参与了美国和卡塔尔国家研究基金项目、美国Air Force Office项目等20余项,经费达500余万美元。Goong Chen教授现为Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications、Elsevier/Academic Press' Mathematics in Science and Engineering Book Series等杂志主编,并任SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization、the International Journal on Quantum Information、Physica Scripta、the Electronic Journal of Differential Equations等杂志副主编,同时还是美国数学学会(AMS)、工业和应用数学学会(SIAM)会员。Goong Chen教授关于MH370航班失踪的文章,作为封面故事,发表在2015年4月Notices of The American Mathematical Society (AMS),被美国数学学会称为“Top Math Stories in the Media -2015”。

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