2015 Markov process and random model international seminar held in our school


From June 23rd to 25, the International Symposium on Markov processes and stochastic models in 2015 was held in our school.The seminar was organized by the school of our university, Hunan Province, the association of mathematics. 


23 morning, the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union will be vice president, Franco, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences under strict security, MUFA Chen (of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Normal University and our school vice president Yong Quan Tian, Mathematical Institute Professor Hou Zhenting, attended the opening ceremony, attended the meeting on behalf of more than 150 people, which come from outside the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Hong Kong and other representatives of 15 people, domestic representative of more than 130 people, including three thousand people plan selected. Four Yangtze River scholars, six national outstanding youth obtain such as a large number of domestic and foreign well-known experts. 


Yong Quan Tian speech, briefly introduces the basic situation of our school, and hope that after such a high level of international academic conferences many in our school held, so as to promote the development of scientific research and teaching of our school mathematics. 


The opening ceremony, Ma Zhiming Chen and Mufa respectively entitled the web MarkovSkeleton processes and their applications ", and the UnifiedSpeed estimation of report of the general assembly of the various" Stabilities.In a period of three days, the participants in the process of Markov processes, random analysis, stochastic models and other topics for academic exchange and research, a total of 69 exciting academic report, as a peer expert to provide a Markov process and the latest research results of the related topics. 

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