School of mathematics and statistics games was held successfully

ThemorningofSeptember26,oncampusStadiumcrowd,boisterous,flagswaving,laughingagain and again,mathematicalandStatisticalInstituteorganizedjointlywiththeInstituteoftrafficandtransportationengineeringgamesopened.DeputySecretaryofparty CommitteeofschoolofmathematicsandStatistics .An Shaobo,Secretaryof theSub-CommitteeofZheng Yingpeng,counselorsatalllevelspresent attheopening ceremony,sharedwiththestudentssportsevent. 

Solemnraisingof thenational flagandsingingthenational anthemisplayedaftertheceremony,athletesandrefereesrepresentativespeak onbehalfofallathletesandreferees, dosolemnlyswearthattheyhaveexpressedabsoluteobediencetothereferee'sdeterminationandattitudetothetournamentregulationsstrictlyenforced.Finally,bytheUnderSecretaryAn Shaoboannouncedtheofficialopeningof thegames. 


As the referee gave the games competitions in order to begin. Originally quiet campus was suddenly boiling up, waves come and go ' cheer, cheer, cheer loud. At this very moment on the campus playground that is the most beautiful landscape deserves a try, the poised player '. During the games, athletes defying strong opponents, race, race out of style, racing out of the level referees fulfill their duties, justice, won the respect of players; volunteers were hard, warm service, praised by the majority of teachers and students. After a day intense match eventually decided the long jump, high jump, throwing medicine balls for men and women, men and women 100-meter, 400-meter, 800 metres, 1500 metres competitions such as Laurel. When athletes win holding honorary awards and prizes, the representative, smile like the Sun is shining.  


These games, the majority of students in the sports spirit of faster, higher, stronger, full of enthusiasm to participate actively, showing our students a vibrant style and high spirits, getting the achievement and spiritual harvest of both!  

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