Xi'an Jiao Tong University academician Xu Zongben was invited to give lectures in our school

October 23, 2015 afternoon, Xu Zongben academicians at the Central South University to do a big data, big wisdom, academic report.  

Xu Zongben academicians mainly engaged in intelligent information processing, machine learning, data modeling based on theoretical research.The L (1/2) regularization theory proposed by him is an important basis for sparse microwave imaging. He found and proved the "Xu Roach" theorem, which provides a general quantitative deduction criterion for machine learning and nonlinear analysis. He proposed a new method based on data modeling, which is based on visual perception.He was awarded the State Natural Science Award, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, China csiam buchin applied mathematics award, and at the World Congress of Mathematicians (2010, India) for 45 minutes special report.  

Xu z B Academy of academic attainments deep, knowledgeable and engaged in research area across the applied mathematics, intelligent information processing, and many research directions and he about big data to the forefront of academic report caused by teachers and students of my school in the school of mathematics and statistics, School of information, School of computer science and business school, units are of great interest, the hall was packed, with the theme of the contents of the report to the school of mathematics and statistics of the information and computing science, applied mathematics and statistics discipline team for future development has great significance.Report, teachers and students spoke enthusiastically, on-site questions unprecedentedly enthusiastic: experts and scholars on the big data for further study on the key problems and research direction of ask the professor Xu; graduate from my academic degree thesis and some monographic studies on level questions, hope answering questions; many students for their future study plan request to give specific guidance..., Professor Xu patiently answered all the questions raised by the audience, and should be everyone's request to leave their precious electronic documents.In the end, Xu Zongben and the Institute of mathematics and statistics on the personnel training, scientific research, academic exchanges and cooperation between the academic exchange and cooperation in the depth of the study and extensive exchanges.  

In today's information age, information technology revolution and social, economic, cultural and social integration will inevitably generate big data, with big data is great wisdom, with big data will require great wisdom.Xu Zongben's report from the analysis of large data and the characteristics of the era of big data, the scientific value of the big data, the application of the model and the big data technology elements, the report also detailed analysis of big data analysis and processing of the core challenges, and proposed solutions to these challenges may be the way.Xu z B, academician of the visiting and lecturing to strengthen our future in the big data research academic progress will produce far-reaching influence!  



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