Name Position Email Research     interests
Jianhai Bao Associate     Professor jianhaibao@csu.edu.cn Stochastic     Analysis; Diffusion Process; Ergodicity
Haibo Chen Professor math_chb@csu.edu.cn ODE;     PDE; Mathematical Ecology Model
Ming Chen Lecturer chenming941@163.com Optimization     Theory and Algorithms
Xuesheng Chen Associate     Professor 2152085413@qq.com
Ziqi Chen Associate     Professor chenzq453@csu.edu.cn High     Dimensional Data Analysis; Functional Data Analysis; Survival Analysis
Binxiang Dai Professor bxdai@csu.edu.cn Differential     Equaions and Applied Dynamical Systems
Songhai Deng Associate     Professor dsonghai@163.com Optimization     Theory and Algorithms
Weijun Deng Lecturer 994750530@qq.com control     theory
Youjun Deng Professor youjundeng@csu.edu.cn Inverse     problems; PDE; Plasomon Resonance and Cloaking
Shifeng Ding Associate     Professor 775568539@qq.com
Qiulian Fang Associate     Professor fanggqiulian@163.com Market     Research; Data Processing; Statistical Modeling
Lihua Feng Professor fenglh@163.com Combinatorics
Siqing Gan Professor sqgan@csu.edu.cn Numerical     analysis of differential equations
Konghua Guo Lecturer khguo@126.com
Tiexin Guo Professor tiexinguo@csu.edu.cn Functional     Analysis; Random Metric Theory; Mathematical Finance
Yaoqi Guo Associate     Professor guoyaoqi@csu.edu.cn Resources     and Environmental Economical Statistics; Industrial and Financial Data     Analysis
Xuli Han Professor xlhan@csu.edu.cn Geometric     Computing and Data Modeling
Fuli He Associate     Professor hefuli999@163.com Complex     Analysis, Clifford Analysis
Wei He Lecturer 307726440@qq.com Algebraic     Representation ,Singularity Theory
Yan He Associate     Professor yanhemath@qq.com Geometric     analysis
Zhimin He Professor hezhimin@csu.edu.cn Ordinary     Differential Equations
Muzhou Hou Professor hmzw@csu.edu.cn;     houmuzhou@sina.com Data     Mining and Machine Learning
Zhaoming Hu Lecturer 382983400@qq.com Statistical     Optimization; Data Processing
Zhi Hu Associate     Professor huzhi_math@csu.edu.cn Cryption     and Information Security
Yong Jiao Professor jiaoyong@csu.edu.cn Noncommutative     Analysis & Probability
Feiyu Li Associate     Professor 85717059@qq.com
Junping Li Professor jpli@csu.edu.cn Markov     Process; Queueing Network; Branch Process
Junying Li Associate     Professor 785411802@qq.com
Xioai Li Associate     Professor xiaoaili@csu.edu.cn Insurance;     Mathematical Finance
Ying Li Lecturer 530227385@qq.com
Zhibao Li Lecturer zblimath@csu.edu.cn Optimization     Algorithms Design and Applications
Zhouxin Li Associate     Professor lizhouxin@csu.edu.cn Nonlinear     Analysis
Ruixi Liang Associate     Professor lrxcsu@163.com Differential     Equations
Biyu Liu Professor b.yu.liu@163.com Operation     & Optimization
Cheng Liu Professor 1037717816@qq.com Combinatorial     Optimization; Logistics
Hongjuan Liu Lecturer liuhj@csu.edu.cn Numerical     Methods for Fluid Mechanics
Jianhua Liu Associate     Professor 13227898@qq.com
Lu Liu Professor g.jiayi.liu@gmail.com Mathematical     Logic
Qingping Liu Professor liuqp@csu.edu.cn Stochastic     Control; Actuary
Shengjun Liu Professor shjliu.cg@csu.edu.cn Digital     Geometric Processing; Computer Vision; Algorithms and Applications in   Deep   Learning
Wangmei Liu Associate     Professor 1332944377@qq.com Operation     & Optimization
Weijun Liu Professor wjliu@csu.edu.cn Group     theory and Algebraic Combinatorics
Xinge Liu Professor liuxgliuhua@163.com Neural     Network and Control
Xinru Liu Associate     Professor liuxinru@csu.edu.cn Geometric     Computing and Point Cloud Reconstruction; Algorithms and Applications   in Deep   Learning
Yirong Liu Professor liuyirong@163.com
Yuanyuan Liu Professor liuyy@csu.edu.cn Markov     Process; Queueing Network; Computational Probability
Zaiming Liu Professor math_lzm@csu.edu.cn Markov     Process; Queueing Network; Applied Probability
Long Long Associate     Professor longlong@csu.edu.cn Functional     Analysis
Jun Lv Lecturer 21681863@qq.com Computational     Mathematics
Pan Ma Lecturer pan.ma@csu.edu.cn Functional     Analysis
Jiafu Ning Lecturer jia3ning@126.com Several     complex variables and complex geometry
Yuanling Niu Associate     Professor yuanlingniu@csu.edu.cn Numerical     analysis of SDEs and its application to systems biology
Kejia Pan Professor kejiapan@csu.edu.cn Numerical     Methods and Applications of PDEs
Jun Peng Associate     Professor pengjun0825@163.com Markov     Process; Stochastic Analysis; Mathematical Finance
Lihua Peng Associate     Professor lihuap@csu.edu.cn
Dongdong Qin Associate     Professor qindd132@163.com Nonlinear     Elliptic PDE
Xuanyun Qin Professor xuanyunqin@163.com
Yazheng Qiu Associate     Professor 1378823024@qq.com
Yeqing Ren Associate     Professor 137332@csu.edu.cn Computational     Geometry
Zuoshunhua Shi Lecturer shizsh@163.com Harmonic     Analysis
Li Tang Associate     Professor ltang@csu.edu.cn Stocastic     Computation; Time Searials Analysis
Meinan Tang Associate     Professor csutmlang@163.com Differential     Equation
Xianhua Tang Professor tangxh@csu.edu.cn Nonlinear     PDEs; Theory and Applications of Functional Differential Equations;   Theory   and Applications of Difference Equations; Hamilton System;
Zhong Wan Professor wanmath@csu.edu.cn Statistics     and Optimization of Resource Economy
Guofu Wang Associate     Professor wgf117@163.com
Hong Wang Associate     Professor wh@csu.edu.cn Data     Mining; Survival Analysis
Xiaojie Wang Associate     Professor x.j.wang7@csu.edu.cn Numerical     analysis of stochastic PDEs
Yanru Wang Associate     Professor wyr_1965@163.com Applied     Statistic
Zhizhong Wang Professor wzz8713761@163.com Complex     Data Processing
Jinbiao Wu Associate     Professor wujinbiao@csu.edu.cn Stochastic     PDE & Stochastic Control
Lian Wu Lecturer wulian@csu.edu.cn
Shuhuang Xiang Professor xiangsh@mail.csu.edu.cn High     Oscillation Problem; High Performance Computing
Li Xiao Associate     Professor 1805818479@qq.com Differential     Equation
Qingsong Xu Professor qsxu@csu.edu.cn Applied     Statistic; Chemometrics
Yufeng Xu Associate     Professor xuyufeng@csu.edu.cn Fractional     Calculus; Numerical Simulation of Combustion Process
Desheng Yang Associate     Professor dsyang@csu.edu.cn SPDE
Donghui Yang Professor donghyang@139.com Control     Theory
Shuping Yang Associate     Professor yahepi@163.com Data     Analysis and Processing
Wensheng Yang Associate     Professor 1724620679@qq.com
Xiaoxia Yang Associate     Professor yangxiaoxia0731@163.coom Differential     Equations
Qingfei Yin Professor qfyin@csu.edu.cn Durable     Consuming; Consuming Functioin & Structure
Jinyong Ying Lecturer 44882345@qq.com Biomathcmatical     Computing
Xiugui Yuan Professor xgyuan2000@sina.com Engineering     Numerical Calculation and Simulation; Software Development
Dianzhong Zhang Associate     Professor 30044425@qq.com Mathematical     Biology
Hongyan Zhang Professor 117455068@qq.com Operation     & Optimization
Li Zhang Lecturer 241905649@qq.com
Meiyuan Zhang Lecturer 51273722@qq.com
Qi Zhang Professor 535063932@qq.com Differential     Equation
Wei Zhang Lecturer zhangyunfei78@csu.edu.cn Actuary;     Mathematical Finance; Extreme Event Management and Control; Stochastic     Differential Equation
Yangchun Zhang Lecturer 2930531414@qq.com
Zhoushun Zheng Professor zszheng@csu.edu.cn Numerical     Methods and Applications of PDEs
Yue Zhou Associate     Professor zhouyue@csu.edu.cn Algebraic     Combinatorics
Yinggao Zhou Professor ygzhou@csu.edu.cn Differential     Equation and Optimal Control with   Applications
Hao Zhu Professor kys@csu.edu.cn Resource     Price and Investment; Country Economic Cycle; Civilian Economy
Shihua Zhu Associate     Professor 353257426@qq.com Data     Mining and Software Development      


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