Name:Zhong Wan


Professor/Supervisorof PH.D


Schoolof Mathematics and Statistics

CentralSouth University





lB.S.(Pure Mathematics) JiangXi Normal University, P.R. China

lM.S.(Mathematical Education) Hunan Normal University, P.R. China

lPh.D.(Applied Mathematics) Hunan University, P.R. China.


l1988-1990Teaching: DeAn Middle School, JiangXi Province, China

l1993-2004 Teaching: Hunan University, Hunan Changsha, China

l2004-2005Teaching: Central South University, Hunan Changsha, China

lPostdoctorresearch work: Central South University, China

l2002-2003Visiting research fellow: Curtin University, Australia.

l2004,1-3Visiting research follow: PolyU of HongKong, H.K.,China

l2005,7-12Visiting scholar: University of Manchester, GB

l2010,8-10,Visiting professor: Curtin University, Australia.


lNumericalOptimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

lUncertainMathematical Programs

lMathematicalPrograms with Equilibrium Constraints

lMathematicalModeling and Efficient Algorithm in Engineering and Management


lThePacific Optimization Research Activity Group (POP)

lChineseIndustry and Applied Mathematics Society

lComputationalMathematics Society of Hunan Province


lExcellentTalent of New Century, Ministry of Education, P.R. China

lExcellentYoung Teacher of Hunan province, P.R. China

lExcellentSupervisor of Mathematical Modeling, Hunan province

lLeaderTeacher of Excellent Course: Numerical Analysis, Hunan province

lExcellentTeacher of BYD



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B.Recent Main Papers2004-2015

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