Shengjun Liu is a professor in the Schoolof Mathematics and Statistics of Central South University, the vice director ofthe Institute of Engineering Modeling and Scientific Computing. He received hisB.S. degree in computational mathematics and applied software, and Masterdegree in applied mathematics, both from Central South University, and PhDdegree in computer science from Zhejiang University in Sep. 2007. From May 2012to April 2013, he visited the computer science department of Chemnitz Universityof Technology, working with Prof. Guido Brunnett, supported by a researchfellowship from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. In 2013, he was selected inthe New Century Outstanding Talent Support Program of the Ministry of Educationof China. In Feb. 2014, Dr. Shengjun Liu was promoted as a full professor ofCentral South University. He has published almost 40 peer-reviewed journal andconference papers. His current research interests include geometric computing,geometric problems in CAD/CAM, and CAGD. 


The selected papers: 

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