Li Junping, Professor in school ofmathematics and statistics, PhD supervisor. Awarded Bachelor of Science degreein 1983 at Hunan Normal University. Awarded Master of Science Degree In 1988 atBeijing Normal University. Awarded PhD in 1994 at Central South University. Hestudied at Greenwich University UK during 2002 -2005 and was awarded his secondPhD. Li mainly engaged in the research ofprobability theory and mathematical statistics and related fields.Hehas obtained a series of important achievements on the process of Markovprocess, Markov skeleton process, general Markov branching process and queuingnetwork. He was awarded the first prize of scientific and technologicalprogress in Hunan province in 2001 and the second prize of natural sciencepapers of Hunan in 2006. He ever visited Hongkang university as a visitingscholar for several times. He has publishied 2 books and more than 80 researchpapers on the important international journals such as “Advancesin Applied Probability”, “Journal of AppliedProbability”,“Methodologyand Computing in Applied Probability”, “Queueing systems”, “Statisticsand Probability Letters”, “Science china:Mathematics”. Until now,he has awarded 3 funds ofNational Natural ScienceFoundation of China, 1 Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of HigherEducation of China and 1 project of Scientific Research Foundation forthe Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry. 

Published books: 

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2.MarkovSkeleton-Mixedmodels,(Jointwork),HunanScience and Technology Press, 2000. 

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