Tiexin Guo




Research Area:


Research Interests:

1.Functional Analysis (Banach Space Theory,Random Metric Theory); 2.Mathematical Finance (Dynamic Risk Measures)


Contact Information

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Central South University

Changsha, Hunan, 410083




Ph.D: 1992,  Xi’an Jiaotong University,China

M.Sc: 1989,  Xi’an Jiaotong University,China

B.S:  1986,  Xi’an JiaotongUniversity, China


Academic Positions:

Professor: School of Mathematics andStatistics, Central South University, 2012-present;

Professor: School of Mathematics and SystemSciences, Beihang University, 2006.8-2011;

Professor: School of Mathematical Sciences,Xiamen University, 1999.12-2006.8 (He became Advisor of Doctoral students from2002)

Senior visiting scholar: Department ofMathematics, MIT, 2001.9-2002.3

Associate Professor: School of MathematicalSciences, Xiamen University, 1994.10-1999.11

Post Dr. Mathematics, Sichuan University, 1992.7-1994.7


Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis,Topology, Measure Theory, Stochastic Analysis, Mathematical Finance.



Selected Publications (listed back in time):


1. TieXin Guo, ShiEn Zhao, XiaoLin Zeng. Randomconvex analysis(I): Separation and Fenchel-Moreau duality in random locallyconvex modules (in Chinese). Sci.Sin.Math., 2015. (See also, [Guo Tiexin, ZhaoShien, Zeng Xiaolin. Random convex analysis(I): Separation and Fenchel-Moreauduality in random locally convex modules. 2015, arXiv: 1503.08695.])

2. TieXin Guo, ShiEn Zhao, XiaoLin Zeng. Random convex analysis(II):continuity and

subdifferentiability theorems in L^0-pre-barreled random locallyconvex modules(in Chinese). Sci.Sin.Math., 2015, 45(5): 647-662. (See also, [GuoTiexin, Zhao Shien, Zeng Xiaolin. Random convex analysis(II): continuity and subdifferentiabilitytheorems in L^0-pre-barreled random locally convex modules. 2015, arXiv: 1503.08637.])

3. TieXin Guo, ShiEn Zhao, XiaoLin Zeng .The relations among thethree kinds of

conditional risk measures. Sci. China Math., 2014, 57: 1753--1764.

4. MingZhi Wu, TieXin Guo. A counterexampleshows that a locally L^0-convex topology is not necessarily induced by a familyof L^0-seminorms. 2015, arXiv: 1501.04400.

5. TieXin Guo, ShiEn Zhao, XiaoLin Zeng. On random convexanalysis--the analytic foundation for conditional convex risk measures. 2012,arXiv: 1210.1848.
6. ShiEn Zhao,TieXin Guo. The random subreflexivity of complete random normedmodules , International Journal of Mathematics
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K)-topological module to admitenough canonical module homomorphisms, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 2001,263:580-599.
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