Professor Shuhuang Xiang, Head of School of Mathematics and Statistics


PhDXi'an Jiaotong University, 1997 

H353,H465, New Compus of Central South University


Research Interests

·Numericalmethod for highlyoscillatory problems

·Filon type and spectralmethodsfor integral equations

·Barycentricinterpolation、Orthogonal polynomialapproximation

·Linear Complementarityproblems 

Selected Publications

·S. Xiang, Efficient Filon-Type Methods for\int_a^bf(x)e^{i\omega g(x)}dx, Numer. Math. 105(2007), 633-658. 

·S. Xiang, X. Chen and H. Wang, Error bounds forapproximation in Chebyshev points, Numer. Math., 116(2010), 463–491 

·S. Xiang, Correction to "strict diagonaldominance and optimal bounds for the Skeel condition number", SIAM J.Numer. Anal., 47(2010), 4793-4795 

·S. Xiang, On Error Bounds for orthogonalPolynomial Expansions and Gauss-type Quadrature, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 50,(2012), 1240-1263 

·S. Xiang and F. Bornemann, On the convergencerates of Gauss and Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature for functions of limitedregularity, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 50(2012), 2581-2587 

·X. Chen and S. Xiang, Perturbation Bounds ofP-matrix Linear omplementarity Problems, SIAM J. Optimization 18(2007),1250-1265 

·S. Xiang and G. He, The fast implementation ofhigher order Hermite-Fejer interpolation, SIAM J. Sci. comput., (2015)37(4):A1727–A1751 

·S. Xiang and H. Wang, Fast Integration of HighlyOscillatory Integrals with exotic Oscillators, Math. Comput., 79(2010), 829-844 

·H. Wang and S. Xiang, On the convergence ratesof Legendre approximation, Math. Comput., 81 (2012), 861–877 

·S. Xiang, Y. Cho, H. Wang and H. Brunner,Clenshaw-Curtis-Filon-type methods for highly oscillatory Bessel transforms andapplications, IMA J. Numer. Anal., 31(4)(2011), 1281-1314 

·H. Wang and S. Xiang, Asymptotic expansion andFilon-type methods for a Volterra integral equation with a highly oscillatorykernel, IMA J. Numer. Anal., 31(2)(2011), 469-490 

·X. Chen and Shuhuang Xiang, Computation of errorbounds for P-matrix linear complementarity problems, Math. Program., Ser. A,106(2006),513-525 

·X. Chen and S. Xiang, Implicit Solution Functionof P$_0$ and Z Matrix Linear Complementarity constraints, Math. Programming,Ser. A, 128(1-2)(2011),1-18 

·X. Chen and S. Xiang, Newton Iterations inImplicit Time-Stepping Scheme for Differential Linear Complementarity Systems,Math. Program. Ser. A,138(2013), 579-606 

·S. Xiang, G. He and Y. Cho, On error bounds ofFilon-Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature for highly oscillatory integrals, Adv. Comput.Math., (2015) 41:573–597