David Eelbode教授学术报告(二)

发布时间:2018年03月14日 作者:唐颖   消息来源:业务办    阅读次数:[]

报告题目: Clifford analysis as a higher spin framework 报告人: David Eelbode教授,比利时安特卫普大学 报告地点: 数学院一楼145报告厅 报告时间: 2018年4月4日下午2:30-3:30(星期三) 报告摘要: The Laplace operator and the Dirac operator are but 2 examples of invariant operators arising in physics which describe elementary particles. The latter are characterised by their so-called spin-number, which can be an integer or a half-integer. More exotic particles (theoretically conjectured) are described by higher spin numbers, and therefore also have a unique equation which describes their behaviour. In this lecture we will explain how to generalise these spin numbers, and how to derive these equations. To do so, we will use polynomial models as an alternative for the abstract index notation for spin fields, commonly used in physics.

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