David Eelbode教授学术报告(一)

发布时间:2018年03月14日 作者:唐颖   消息来源:业务办    阅读次数:[]

报告题目: Conformal invariance and Fueter's Theorem 报告人: David Eelbode教授,比利时安特卫普大学 报告地点: 数学院一楼145报告厅 报告时间: 2018年4月2日下午2:30-3:30(星期一) 报告摘要: It is well-known that the Dirac operator (for massless fermions) is a conformally invariant operator, whose existence follows from general Lie algebraic considerations (the celebrated BGG-sequences). In this lecture, we will explain what it means to be conformally invariant in dimensions m>2, and we will then use this invariance to give an easy proof for Fueter's theorem. The latter is a celebrated result in classical Clifford analysis (the function theory which focuses on the Dirac operator) which allows one to construct monogenic functions (i.e. in the kernel of the Dirac operator) starting from holomorphic functions in the complex plane. These images under the Fueter map have a special role, which we will also illustrate.

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