Stig Larsson教授学术报告

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报告题目:Strong convergence of a fully discrete finite element approximation of the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation

报 告 人:Stig Larsson教授

报告时间 :2017年11月16日上午10:00-12:00

报告地点 : 中南大学新校区数学与统计学院145报告厅

报告摘要: We consider the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation driven by additive Gaussian noise in a convex domain with polygonal boundary in dimension $d\le 3$. We discretize the equation using a standard finite element method in space and a fully implicit backward Euler method in time. By proving optimal error estimates on subsets of the probability space with arbitrarily large probability and uniform-in-time moment bounds we show that the numerical solution converges strongly to the solution as the discretization parameters tend to zero. This is joint work with D. Furihata, M. Kovacs, and F. Lindgren.

报告人介绍: Stig Larsson, 瑞典科学院院士, Chalmers University of Technology数学科学系教授。Stig Larsson教授是发展型偏微分方程数值解的国际知名学者,在抛物型偏微分方程的有限元、随机偏微分方程的有限元等研究领域取得了一系列具有重大国际影响力的研究成果。Stig Larsson出版一本专著《Partial Differential Equations with Numerical Methods》,公开发表50余篇高质量学术论文,大多数发表在SIAM J Numer Anal、Math. Comp.、SIAM J. Sci. Comput、IMA J Numer Anal等国际顶尖的计算数学刊物。现担任国际顶尖计算数学刊物Math. Comp.编委。

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