Information and Scientific Computing is a subject mainly covering the information science, the computing science, operation theory and optimal control process. It is one of earliest subjects setup in Central South University, and was evaluated as the key and the distinct feature subject of Hunan Province in 2006 and 2008, respectively. Currently, a number of qualified faculties are working on the construction and instruction of this subject, including 9 full-time professors, 3 New Century Excellent Talents financially supported by the Ministry of Education, and 1 distinguished Young scholar of Hunan province.

Majoring in this subject, the undergraduate students are required to well understand the basic theory, methods and skills of both the information science and the computing science, and have the strong mathematical background as well as the ability to resolve the real-world applications in information technology and engineering with the aid of computer. After graduation, they are normally favored by the IT companies, the financial departments, or the research institutions due to the solid foundation of mathematics, powerful practical skills and the adaption abilities.