The department of probability and statistics was founded by combining the department of statistics and the institute of the probability and mathematical statistics in July, 2016. The major currently has a team of 22 full-time faculties, including 9 full-time Professors, 1 senior researcher, 6 associate Professors, and 6 Lecturers. The team was selected as the Science and Technology Innovation Team in the 12th Five-Year Plan of Hunan Universities. Moreover, the team member won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Hunan Province in 1998 and 2001, and won the second prize of the Natural Science in Hunan Province in 2009. Furthermore, Prof. Zhenting Hou is a world famous researcher, who is the receiver of both the 3rd international Davison award and the 13th Hua Luogeng Prize. The senior researcher Lu Liu won the award of the “hope star in bringing charm to the world” for his breakthrough in the Seetapun conjecture. Prof. Yong Jiao was the winner of both the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars and the science Fund for distinguished Young Scholars of Hunan Province. Additionally, there are one winner of the second level of the new century 121 talents in Hunan Province and four winners of the Shenghua Yuying and Shenghua Lieying plan, our faculty team is formulated as a team with reasonable structure and rigorous academical management and is competitive both in teaching and researching.

The researches of our faculties focus on the Markov process, non-commutative probabilities, stochastic analysis, chemometrics, biological and financial statistics, complex big data analysis, resources and environmental economics and so on. We have hosted or participated over 30 national or provincial science funds, and have published the papers on international high-quality journals, such as Advances in Mathematics, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Journal of Functional Analysis, Stochastic Processes and Applications, Advances in Applied Probability, Journal of American Statistical Association 》、《Bioinformatics, Annals of Applied Statistics.  Meanwhile, in social service aspect, we have hosted or participated over 30 projects from the National Development and Reform Commission, Changsha municipal government, enterprises and others, which effectively fulfilled the functions of social services such as statistical investigation, quantitative analysis and decision-making consultation.

The department is responsible for the statistics-related instruction work as well as its discipline construction. The statistics major was developed based on the probability and mathematical statistics, which was approved in the first batch for conferring the Ph.D degree, and became the national key construction discipline in both the 10th Five-Year plan and the 11th Five-Year plan. The statistics began the enrollment of undergraduate and graduate in 2000, obtained the conferring right of the primary discipline doctoral program in 2011, and was selected in the first class discipline construction plan of Hunan province in 2018. In the 2012 national evaluation of the primary discipline, the statistics were ranked as 20 among all national universities. In 2015, Evaluation Report for China University and Discipline》,which is issued by China science evaluation research center of Wuhan University, has ranked our statistics as 17 out of 264 universities in China. And the evaluation of the statistics major was B+ in the fourth round of the 2017 national evaluation of the primary discipline. Recent years, the employment rate of our undergraduate students keep over 95% and a batch of excellent ones were emerged. Thus, the department’s academic reputation as well as its ability to cultivate high-quality undergraduates has been well recognized.