Course Name Degree
Fourier Analysis PhD
Levy processes PhD
An introduction to mathematical risk theory PhD
Insurance Risk Models PhD
Insurance principle and practice PhD
Bayesian Statistics PhD
Ergodicity Theory PhD
Parallel Computation PhD
Uncertain Mathematical Programming PhD
Brownian Motion and Diffusion PhD
Parameter Estimation PhD
Measure Theorey PhD
Difference Equations PhD
Qualitative theory of diffence methods PhD
Boundary Value Problems for Ordinary Differential   Equations PhD
Qualitative Theory of ordinary Differential   Equations PhD
Stability Theory of Differential Equations PhD
Ordinary Differential Equations in Abstract Space PhD
Sample suvey PhD
Large-scale scientific computing PhD
Algebra and Coding PhD
Monotone Dynamical Systems PhD
Point Processes and Renewal Theory PhD
Numerical analysis of dynamical systems PhD
Multivariate Statistical Analysis PhD
Elliptic partial differential equations of second   order PhD
Reaction diffusion equations PhD
Functional Analysis PhD
Functional analysis PhD
Nonparametric Statistics Master
Noncommutative Measure Theory Master
Noncommutative Martingale Theory Master
Nonlinear variational inequalities and complementarity   problems Master
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos Master
Nonlinear Functional analysis Master
Fractional Differential Equations Master
Fractal Geometry Master
Risk management and insurance Master
Computer Algebra Master
Complex Function Theory Master
Complex Hamonic Analysis Master
Complex analysis Master
Advanced Engineering mathematics Master
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Master
Advanced computer graphics Master
Adanced Data Analysis Master
Advanced Mathematical Statistics Master
Advanced Numerical Analysis Master
Advanced Game Theory Master
Advanced Macroeconomics Master
Advanced Microeconomics Master
Advanced Algorithms for Graphics and Images Master
Multi-dimensional Diffusion Processes Master
High Performance Computing for Highly Oscillatory   Problems Master
Stochastic control in Engeneer Master
Optimal Management of Supply chain Master
National economic statistics Master
Regression Analysis Master
Basic Algebra Master
ELementary Number Theory Master
Theory on Limit Cycles Master
Limit Theory Master
Minimax Theorems Master
Geometry processing and computing Master
Algorithmic Algebra Master
Computational Geometry Master
Computational Fluid Dynamics Master
Additive Number Theory Master
Financial risk management with the models Master
Heuristic algorithms Master
Stochastic Control in Finance Master
Statistical Models for Finance Master
Finance Master
Arbitrage theory in continuous time Master
AA Master
Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts Master
Economic Cycle Theory and Application Master
Statistical Problem in Economy with Data Analysis Master
Empirical Likelihood Master
Matrix Analysis Master
Matrix Theory Master
Geometric Theory for Discrete Dynamical Systems Master
Simple Groups of Lie Type Master
Continuous-time Markov chains Master
Critical Point Theory and its Applications Master
Robust control Master
Markov field and Application Master
Limiting Theory for Markov Skeleton Processes and   its Alpplications Master
Impulsive Differential Systems Master
Introduction to queueing networks Master
Optimal control theory for partial differential   equations Master
Numerical Solution of Partial Differential   Equations Master
Ruin Theory Master
Global Optimization Master
Global Optimization and Heuristic Algorithm Master
Group Representation Theory Master
Business statistics Master
Neural Networks Master
Differential Equations Theory in Ecology Master
Data acquisition and analysis of biotical signals Master
Time Series Analyse Master
Real Hamonic Analysis Master
Market research and market analysis Master
The Elemen