The School of Mathematics and Statistics currently has 122 faculties and staffs, in which it includes 32 Professors and 36 associate Professors. Among them, Four professors are listed in the “Supporting Plan to the New Century Excellent Talents” by the Ministry of Education, one is listed in the “One Hundred Talent Plan”of Hunan Province, 2 experts enjoy the special government allowance, and one is honored as the provincial famous teacher.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics begun to enroll undergraduate in 1977, and set up the MSc program in 1978. Then, as the first batch in China, the Ph.D programs in both Mathematics and Statistics were approved in 1981. Now, it has three undergraduate majors, including mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computing science, and statistics, several master programs, and Ph.D programs in both  Mathematics and Statistics as well as the postdoctoral station. Especially, the Probability and Mathematical statistics was listed as the first batch of national key disciplines in 2001, and became a national “211 Project”key construction discipline.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics provides good research atmosphere and always emphasizes the significance of doing scientific research. It has witnessed the rapid development in many research field, including the process of Markov Process, symbolic logic, differential equation and dynamical systems, geometric calculation and approximation, high oscillation problem, high-performance computing with stochastic differential equations, analysis and geometry, algebra combination and etc. Due to the outstanding research work, the mathematics was ranked 112th as top 4.67‰ in ESI global ranking in May 2018, and Entered into the national ‘Double First-Class’ Discipline construction program in September 2017. Meanwhile, many faculties are known for their particular contributions to the corresponding field. Especially,

·       Professor Hou Zhenting and professor Zou Jiezhong successively won the International Davidson Award.

·       Professor Hou Zhenting won the “Hua Luogeng Prize” in 2017.

·       The young scholar Liu Lu cracked the Seetapun Conjecture.

Currently, the school of Mathematics and Statistic is working toward the goal of being one of the top world universities.